Anti-Doc Trial and Tribulation

During the development in my special study, I have manage to make a beginning trial. This trial is designed to make sure that everything works prior to adding more questions and making the map of questions more complex. As it stands, this trial has fifteen questions/statements and they are laid out as follows:

[Q-1::Y-2::N-7//] Hello, I am Anti Doc. Are you ok?
[Q-2::Y-3::N-7//] Fine, but are you sure?
[Q-3::Y-4::N-7//] Really?
[Q-4::Y-5::N-7//] Really, really?
[Q-5::Y-6::N-11//] Are these questions annoying you?
[Q-6::Y-10::N-11//] Well fine, shall I give you the silent treatment?
[Q-7::Y-11::N-8//] Is it because of your face?
[Q-8::Y-11::N-9//] Is it because of that spot that is forming on your head?
[Q-9::Y-11::N-2//] Is it because I am going to be your new daddy?
[Q-10::Y-11::N-11//] Well, I am not going to be silent. Are you ok with that?
[Q-11::Y-12::N-3//] Do you think I care about what you think?
[Q-12::Y-13::N-15//] Do you realise that I have a virus in me?
[Q-13::Y-14::N-14//] Do you think I am joking?
[Q-14::Y-15::N-15//] Well, I am not. Your next click will corrupt your hard drive, no matter what you press
[Q-15::Y-1::N-1//] $/%/^/&/*/(/CORRUPT/?/@/#/~/!/î/£……… Lol, JK. Click Yes, or No, to restart

In all, it looks overly complex, but actually it is simple. The programme is designed to read through snippets of this data, like an array. If we follow question 1, for example: if you click ‘yes’, it will move on to question 2, whereas, if you click ‘no’, it will move to question 7. A research document to explain all of this trial will be uploaded in due course.

One of the routes you can take in this trial programme is as follows:

In time, this will be developed further to have more questions. Once completed, my FMP will follow a similar programme, but will have a different purpose. The skeleton of this trial, can be applied to something more aesthetically pleasing and more suitable for the outline of my FMP.