Venting on an App & Website: Secondary Research

Innovation is the best way to stand out. The issue with it however, is that over the years it has changed meaning; Innovation used to be ‘inventing the wheel’, however now it is ‘re-inventing the wheel’. Reinvention, remodelling and rebranding can do just as well as innovation itself. This is where the idea for building an app stemmed from: websites.

A good business person might not necessarily have ‘invented the wheel’, but they have seen a flaw, or gap, in the market and so exploited it for their own gain. In schools right the way up to university, we are advised to look at what is already out there, or to look at styles that are around. We look at what to base our own work upon.

In reference to my final major project, I wanted to see what was already out there in the way of being able to vent in a safe space. I found the results quite dull and minimal. Whilst there are many websites for venting frustration by, say slapping someone with an eel in slow motion (see here), there is very little in the way of free writing.

The websites that do exist, for example, The Quiet Space Project are difficult to navigate, however once the page is found, can be a lot of use. There is also an app version of this website, showing that there is a definite need for a service like this to be mobile. An alternative in the topic, would perhaps be a version of online counselling like Blah Therapy. Whilst Blah Therapy may help a lot of people, you do have to pay for it in the long run and to benefit, you would need to use it every day.

Applications that exist like Whisper are popular, certainly when it is screen shot and placed onto social media. Whilst there is anonymity, there is nothing that is left a secret per say. There is also a character limit, so you cannot rant on the likes of Whisper. You can rant on blogs like WordPress, but again, this is for public view. Perhaps this was one of the main reasons we used to keep diaries with padlocks on as children.

Even so, there was a flaw in keeping physical journals. If they were broken into or stolen for example. One key problem however, is that what you write, is still there. At least when you speak, unless you’re being recorded, once the words are said, they are said. There needs to be something that allows you to vent in a similar manner but on a physical scale, like an app or mobile friendly website.