Coding Lectures and Application

Coding have proven to be quite the challenge, and yet has also picked up my interest substantially. The application for the coding we have been learning about have endless possibilities, which is why I have opted to specialise in using Processing in regards to my AI project. In recent workshops, I have begun to realise that the principals for some of these sessions can be reworked and applied to help the AI work.

During our second lecture we worked on the visualisation on our triangulation of our final year layout.  It was an interesting concept as the shapes the could be made and the random features proved to be of interest, and when applied to more things, created something quite trippy.

Coding like this can be simple to adjust to suit the requirements of the project. In this case, I adjusted the coding so that the triangulation was now more of a quadrilateral and so that the colours changed on a mouse click. Exploring the position of the random function can prove to be unusual, as according to the placement, you can crash the programme, or potentially cause someone to have an epileptic fit.

Further coding development, which used a combination of arrays, proved that the programme could run through by itself without the need for mouse clicks. This could mean that when showcasing a programme, a demo could be formed for the sake of marketing. It also showed us that data could be preprogrammed into it. This could come in handy when creating an AI as there would need to be a preprogrammed questions.

Applying arrays to coding can prove intriguing in an artistic way, for example, the below:

It could also be broken down into a similar concept to space invaders, as demonstrated below:

Outside of university, I decided to learn how you would make two options, for example a yes an no. I decided to copy the coding from a tutorial online for Processing, and find out how it worked. I played around with it a little bit and can see how this coding could be applied along with arrays in future experiments with my special study and final major project.

In the next few weeks, I will be working alongside tutors and online tutorials in the hopes my coding skills will improve and hopefully aide me in making the AI I wanted to.