FMP: Initial Sketch and Brainstorm

With a new found wave of inspiration, at 3 in the morning, I have managed to make a breakthrough with my FMP. After an initial sketch and a lot of brainstorming, I have made a start in the process of product design.

After a lecture on Thursday, which highlighted the constraints of design, it became clear that my project needed more than just an app or a website. There will be times when you don’t have a phone or interest access, so why should I restrict it to this? Introducing MAL: Multifunctional Automated Linguistics.

In recent weeks, we have been doing workshops in relation to a piece of software called Processing. This software has highlighted at an AI at this level, is completely possible, certainly for a student, like myself, who has not worked in programming before. My initial sketch and brainstorms for this project show just how simple this device could be.

The device itself would operate as a clock/alarm, a stress ball, a counsellor and an SOS device. In theory, inline with my sketch, it would be a pebble shape that would be encased in a thick silicon layer. The clock/alarm function would operate the AI. So at peak stress times, it would turn on and ask you if you are ok, offering a chance to either listen to you or allowing you to type on a Blackberry like keyboard. If after venting, and giving you a minute to just breathe, the user still isn’t calm an SOS function could be triggered allowing a message to be sent to a next of kin or even to a charity like the Samaritans.


In regards to colour scheme, I am stuck between two (see below). I would like to keep this device as gender neutral and monochromatic as possible, in order to attract a wider audience. As my initial sketch shows, either a base of green or blue would be acceptable as both colours promote being calm. The colour blue has often, in the past, been depicted as a masculine colour, but in business, it seems to be a more professional looking colour for a brand.

Initial_sketch_colour_schemeA Initial_sketch_colour_schemeB

All in all, I feel like I have made a lot of progression in my project and will now begin to research and self study topics of key interest and experiment with new found skills.