Making of Final Year Mind Map

I get asked a lot about my mind maps, so I decided to document a ‘making of’ styled video. The video below shows the true making of one of my mind maps and also how I generate ideas.

When making a mind map, for me, it is important that I know the four sided elements, in my case: D&AD, Special Study, Final Major Project and Dissertation. These elements make the directions in which I write. The idea is that all four of these projects link somehow, or even overlap, and so there is no need for individual mind maps.


In making this, it is also like an internal dialogue, as the sentences may be questions or just random thoughts. In most cases they are progressions and helpful information like where I can start a project or potential outcomes. From this mind map alone, I can see that in full I will be studying the psychological impacts of being multidisciplinary. Psychology is all about perception, so to narrow it down, you could say that this year, I will be studying solely that. My final outcomes are still to be questioned for the likes of my D&AD and FMP piece, but they will come in time. Right now, I have the making of a few solid ideas and can work through them to achieve four final pieces. dissertation