Motivation When You Don’t Have A Clue

Sometimes, when you feel unmotivated the hardest thing is being able to just do something. For the past few weeks, finding motivation when life is a bit like a roller coaster and you have creative block is just the worst. If you have been following my blog, you’ll know that I have tried idea generating to try and generate a topic of interest. I have created mind maps, sent out surveys and even done a lot of reading. With the idea behind final year to showcase yourself and your work, you need to find what your passions are. Through passions will come motivation, in theory.

I have found topics of interest for my dissertation and final major project, but it is where to go from there that I seem to have hit a dead end. With everything needing to be linked, I need to work out what to do as the end piece in my FMP before I can work on the likes of my special study and beyond.

My motivation hit rock bottom at the weekend where even the words I was reading seemed to merge into an enormous ‘blah’. I decided to take a weekend long break and felt like I had not achieved anything by today, Monday. I looked for some hope in my tutorial session and I found exactly what I was looking for: a spark that rekindled my motivation.

Tutorials allow you to speak freely and idea generate with others, perhaps strangers. I have been given a few ideas for myself and may actually consider making a project out of my mind map concepts. If this year is supposed to showcase me, why not point out the insanity of my workings? It is after all the idea generation that will always kick start a concept into being a project, right?