Coding of the Simple Variety

‘Java script’ is one of the most common ‘requirements’ that seem to pop up when you are searching for a job in the graphic design industry. To be honest, it sounded daunting. The closest to coding I had done, that I thought at the time, was a little robot when I was in high school. Little did I know that I was wrong.

Coding in this form, as I soon found out, was a lot like CSS, which is what I had spent most of my placement writing. Whilst I am no expert in CSS, I do find that for the best part of it, it is just logic. Java seems to be similar, at least when using the programme Processing. Whilst most of it was new, it was safe to say that the commands were a bit too obvious. For example: “background” followed by the RGB references or colour hex, was obviously going to change the colour of the ‘canvas’.

Being slightly dyslexic meant that the whole learning process was a little trickier. With so much text on my screen, it was daunting. The fact that the software for coding was ultra case sensitive and through up errors if you didn’t spell something right proved challenging. I also kept missing out brackets and semi colons. The solution came when I dimmed my screen and changed it to be green.

Regardless of the challenge in readability, this lesson made me think back to high school. As pain staking as that era was for me, the actual lessons we had in co-ordinates and algebra proved their worth. When we consider at the time ‘when are we ever going to use this’ we sometimes switch off, but now I am glad I didn’t. Using co-ordinates I managed to do several things whilst coding. Including making a simple picture:

coding sail boat

I also managed to make a simple drawing programme that would change the size of the ‘pen’ to small, medium and large, and also colours depending on what quadrant the mouse was in:

coding quandrant script coding colour quadrants

Whilst the coding we learnt about was perhaps deemed simple, it does offer a lot of insight into what the software itself could achieve. In considering the endless possibilities, I am looking forward to being in next week’s workshop as we will, in a way, be animating. Visualising sound is the concept for this workshop, and that is what we shall be doing next week. I have downloaded the software on my personal laptop to have a mess around with it prior to the workshop. There is never any harm in practising.